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Dreammaker™ (Light and Sound Baby Sleep Aid)


  • Developed with sleep scientists, this sound and light sleep aid relaxes your baby, encourages them into a deep sleep and prolongs the length of their sleep
  • Mimics the natural sounds of the womb and encourages baby to fall asleep faster, deeper and for longer as it provides them with a comforting, familiar and more natural background noise (PINK NOISE)
  • The soothing red light encourages the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone and is minimally stimulating so won’t disturb baby once asleep (RED LIGHT)
  • The rhythmical pulses of soft light mimic the slow, deep breaths of baby’s relaxed breathing rate which calms baby and helps them to drift off to sleep
  • Integrated CrySensor technology detects baby’s cries through the night and automatically switches the device back on play your choice of light and sound settings to soothe baby back to sleep
  • To power the device on and off, simply double tap the ring on the top of the product (once on, simply select the light, sound and pulse settings to suit your preferences)
  • Powered by a USB Type C cable and adaptor plug (plug not included but the cable is compatible with most USB plugs used as phone chargers)

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